Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Little Apple Crisp

Last night I made a batch of little Maple Apple Crisps. They turned out delicious, and Ainnsley was excited to get one in her lunch today. you can find the recipe here: Fresh4five

Left to Right:
Mini Maple Apple Crisp, Raisins
Cheese, clementine sections

Left to Right:
Carrots and little container of hummus, Egg salad whole wheat wrap
Energy balls


  1. Love your Bento Site! I also do a version of Bento for my boys. Now that they are 10, they needed more food :-) So bigger Bento's Boxes! Thanks for a great inspiring site! Always on the look out for new ideas! ~Take Care

  2. Oh I bet boys eat your out of house and home!
    thanks for looking :)