Monday, September 13, 2010

full day of JK

Today is the first full day of JK for my little girl. It is so quiet around here!

Her school has what they call a *balanced day*. The kids get two nutritional breaks a day that are 40minutes long; 20 minutes to eat, and 20 minutes to play at 10am and 1pm. I have to pack a snack for 10am, and a lunch for 1pm.

*A* requested her Bunny box and Princess and the Frog box. For now I am trying to make the lunch theme fit the box.

Here is her Bunny Snack :

Left to Right:
Carrots and hummus
7 grain crackers and carrot cut out cheddar cheese
Skewered grapes and ground cherries

Her Princess and the Frog lunch:

Top to Bottom:
Frog shaped Sunflower Seed Butter and Sugar Free Jam sandwich on whole wheat bread (fruit lether face)
Strawberries, and Kale Chips

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