Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So, I have learned a few things so far in this bento packing adventure; things that don’t work and things *A* will not eat. For instance, the cucumber really sweats, and loses a lot of water, which has made her sandwich soggy one day (so she didn’t eat it) and then today she told me her cucumber and cherries were melting, so she didn’t eat them *hehe*. This wasn’t an issue the first couple times I packed the cucumber, and I am thinking the difference is that I started to add some sea salt to them. So, I am going to stop doing that, and see if it helps.  On another note, her yogurt has spilled all over her stuff the last 2 days! What a pain! That was not an issue with the apple sauce, and I am not sure what the difference is, except that I put a “fruit leather” shape on top of the apple sauce. Can that really make a difference? I also started to put her lunch bag in her backpack instead of attached on the outside as it is designed, because it looks more comfortable for her to carry, but maybe that is bouncing things around more…either way, there will not be any more yogurt sent without a lid until I test it.

So here is today’s snack with the *melting* cucumber

Left to Right:
Heart shaped cucumber, ground cherries
Raisins, heart shaped cheese and 7 grain crackers


Top to Bottom:
Heart shaped Sunflowers seed butter and jelly sandwich, carrots and hummus
Yogurt, 1/4 of an apple, Sweets and Beets chips

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