Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My little Star

Today's snack and lunch for Ainnsley.

I have been letting her pick one Halloween treat each day for her lunch. This certainly takes away from it being a *clean* bento, but I truly believe I need to teach her how to eat a treat in moderation. Lets face it, is she going to eat a chocolate bar at some point in her life? yes. So I hope I can teach her to just have 1...don't binge, splurge and then go back to eating healthy, don't have guilt associated with your eating, just have a small treat and keep eating and enjoying life the way you always have. We only trick or treat around our block, so there is enough candy for her to have a treat in her lunch for basically just this week.

I have lived my entire life until recently on the *starts Monday* diet.. Likely because that is what I saw my mother do *sorry mom!* haha. I just don't want to set Ainnsley up for that trend...there just needs to be balence :)

ok so on with the lunch....

Star cheese, crackers, box of raisins
Lemon snaps, raspberries

Chicken salad on a ww flat bun, babybel cheese
Apple sauce, chocolate bar

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  1. Is that an aero chocolate bar?!? I LOVE those!!!!! Lol! I like the matching stars in each of the bentos :)