Monday, May 30, 2011

Eco Lunchboxes

So excited about my new find! It is the answer I have been looking for. The Eco Lunchbox has little covered containers that fit right inside! Ainnsley is so particular about food touching, or her sandwich getting soggy (who can blame her) that I end up using plastic wrap more often then I would like, and things like yogurt or apple sauce just spill in her other bentos. This thing is perfect! YEAH!

Today's Lunch

Bottom Tier Popcorn
Top Tier: Yogurt, Crackers and Cheese, Spoon, Grape Skewers, Strawberries, and Ginger Snap cookies

yogurt safe with lid on


  1. Hi there! Just curious as to how your ecolunchbox is going? I was searching for inspiration and stumbled onto your site. Tempted to purchase for my 3yr old starting kindy!

  2. This is a good lunch box, I will say that I was most excited about it's potential for holding yogurt and such however,it leaks every didn't pan out in that sense, but still a great box that we use often