Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Nest

It is the week before Easter, so my themed lunches are in full swing! Today Ainnsley got a special treat with Cadbury mini eggs in her lunch. I don’t often pack junk in her lunch, but for Halloween and Easter, I add 1 treat each day for the week.

As a family, we are scaling back the chocolate BIG time this year. With all of Grady’s allergies, it just isn’t fair, (though I plan to hand make some chocolate for him). Giving up Chocolate at Easter has been a hard thing for me to do. It was such a tradition in my childhood. Growing up, my Dad was a floor manager at a Cadbury’s factory (the luckiest kid in the world!!!). Easter was INSANE! I mean chocolate coming out of our ears! I can remember going up to our Great Grandfathers Farm for Easter one year to make maple syrup. My Dad telling us to go get the buckets out of the giant barn, only to find it FILLED with Cadbury Mini Eggs! I mean BURSTING with them. I bet you could still find some today… only about 25 years later.

I also remember going on tours of the factory. We got to bring grocery bags, and pick anything we wanted out of the broken bins… I remember stocking up on the sponge toffee of the Crunchy Bar; my favourite! And yes, I DO know the Caramilk Secret!

Hmm starting to see a reason for my prior poor eating habits.

Ainnsley's snack today:

Left to Right:
Natural yogurt covered raisins, Carrot and Bunny Cheese, 7 grain crackers
Cucumber bites with dried dill, strawberries


Left to Right:
Blackberries, salmon salad Chick shaped sandwich
Grape skewers, Cadbury Mini Eggs

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